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Back to Basics Marketing Success of Oatly


Oatly is a Swedish company that produces oat-based products such as milk, cream, and yogurt. Despite being around for over 25 years, the company gained mainstream popularity in recent years, thanks to its creative marketing campaigns. In this article, we will examine the back-to-basics marketing strategy used by Oatly to achieve its success.

Marketing Success of Oatly

The Importance of Knowing Your Target Audience

One of the keys to Oatly's success is knowing its target audience. The company knew that millennials were becoming increasingly health-conscious and environmentally aware. They also understood that these consumers were looking for plant-based alternatives to traditional dairy products. To appeal to this audience, Oatly focused on emphasizing the health and environmental benefits of its products.

Creative Marketing Campaigns

Oatly's marketing campaigns are anything but traditional. The company's first ad featured a picture of a carton of oat milk with the tagline "Wow, no cow!" The ad was simple, catchy, and effective. It quickly gained attention on social media and became a viral sensation.

Oatly's marketing team did not stop there. They continued to produce creative and unconventional ads that resonated with their target audience. For example, they created a series of ads that poked fun at traditional dairy ads, highlighting the negative environmental impact of dairy farming. These ads helped position Oatly as an ethical and sustainable choice for consumers.

Authenticity and Transparency

Another important aspect of Oatly's marketing strategy is its emphasis on authenticity and transparency. The company is open about its manufacturing processes and uses simple, easy-to-understand language on its packaging. This approach helps build trust with consumers and positions Oatly as a transparent and trustworthy brand.

Creating a Movement

Oatly's marketing success is not just about selling products. The company is on a mission to change the way people think about food and the environment. By promoting plant-based alternatives and highlighting the negative impact of animal agriculture, Oatly is creating a movement that resonates with its target audience.


Oatly's back-to-basics marketing strategy is a great example of how a company can succeed by focusing on its target audience and creating a movement around its products. By being authentic, transparent, and creative, Oatly has built a loyal following of consumers who believe in the company's mission.


What makes Oatly different from other plant-based milk brands?

Oatly's emphasis on authenticity, transparency, and sustainability sets it apart from other plant-based milk brands. The company is open about its manufacturing processes and uses simple, easy-to-understand language on its packaging.

Why is Oatly so popular among millennials?

Oatly's marketing strategy is geared towards millennials, who are becoming increasingly health-conscious and environmentally aware. The company's emphasis on the health and environmental benefits of its products resonates with this audience.

What is the negative impact of dairy farming?

Dairy farming has a significant negative impact on the environment, including greenhouse gas emissions, water pollution, and deforestation. Animal agriculture is also a leading cause of species extinction and habitat destruction.

What is the future of plant-based food products?

The future of plant-based food products looks bright, as more consumers are turning to plant-based alternatives for health and environmental reasons. As technology continues to advance, we can expect to see even more innovative plant-based products on the market.

Where can I find Oatly products?

Oatly products are available at most major grocery stores and online retailers. You can also find Oatly products at coffee shops and cafes that offer plant-based milk alternatives.